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Doodstormer May 24, 2023
Siblings, am I right?


marcorossi May 24, 2023
This is something that always bugs me (not in this comic, this is a general thing): how comes that "emotional" is always taken as "sweet"? One can be "emotional" and hate people with passion.

Why is being an asshole considered less emotional than being a good guy/gal?

I can tell you that I have plenty of asshole emotions (together with good emotions obviously).

(same comment as before but now I'm logged in)
Doodstormer May 24, 2023
In the cases where "emotional" is used as a negative trait, I think really what it boils down to is someone expressing emotions you don't like.
Rubombee May 24, 2023
local asshole finds out personality is not hereditary